Testimony For Bill Bean The Spiritual Warrior 

Evil is real. I know because I have lived through it!


The Poltergeist

Over a four-year period I experienced attacks from a poltergeist that included doorbell ringing two hours after I fell asleep, invisible hands around my neck strangling me, and more! Physical and mental exhaustion while feeling trapped in my apartment became the norm.

 Two pastors came to my home and prayed and blessed every room. Although I was very appreciative it did not stop the attacks.

 Then the police were called and several visits were made to check out why my doorbell was ringing when the doorbell and the doorbell chimes in my apartment had been disconnected. The police had no idea what was happening.

 Next two woman who run a ghost busting service came and set up video surveillance equipment to capture the image of the ghostly attacker but that did not work either. Information came out during one of their visits that I knew the poltergeist and that he was a Jesuit Priest! I remember a man who fit that description who was murdered in his apartment by a homeless man that he allowed to stay with him for a week. During that time he was strangled to death! That happened about twelve years ago in a different apartment building!

 I reached out into the community to find help for my situation but no one would help especially when they learned that the source of the poltergeist attacks was a deceased (murdered) Jesuit Priest who was well known in the community!



Electronic Harassment and Gang Stalking

When I first recognised that there was a new type of troubling situation in my life I tried to find solutions in my community but no one had heard of electronic harassment or gang stalking! It is a strange topic to discuss with other people who are unaware. There is no easy way to tell someone that you are not crazy and that it is actually happening!

 The gang stalking was a frightening experience that sent me to my computer to find out what this was all about. I learned why the people who stalked me wore backpacks. They contained weaponized microwave devices to attack me. This happened when they passed me and were at least ten yards away and then they would remotely discharge the device. I was hit in the solar plexus, the head, and my upper and lower back and in my legs. These hits resulted in me feeling nauseous, dizzy, and faint. I had a number of these incidents in my own neighbourhood at different times of the day and night. I also had many experiences while at a shopping mall too.

 The first attack happened while I was at the bus stop on a quiet Sunday afternoon. The microwave hit me in the chest and immobilized me. The force of the attack built over a ten-minute period to the point that I blacked out, fell over a railing and landed on a parking lot below. I had passed out! When I awakened I saw three young people, two men and a woman standing around me. One young man kept telling me, “Get up, get up, get up!” I was dazed, in shock and unable to move. He reached down and helped me to my feet. Nothing more was said about how I ended up in this situation?

 It was a year later when I was able to make sense about what actually happened to me that day and then I got really angry! It turned out that a professional building across the street from the bus stop was the place that these evil young people worked out of. This was made evident to me as more microwave attacks occurred from that location. I felt trapped and hunted!

 For anyone out there who is suffering with electronic harassment I can honestly say that I totally understand that journey! It is subtle and as the volume on the attacks are turned up the subtly is lost and the nightmare begins!

 I was experiencing ringing in my ears, sleepless nights due to microwave attacks that resulted in burns on my body that would not heal, painful burning eyes which resulted in partial loss of eyesight in one eye, headaches, full body pain, extreme fatigue, and so forth. Anyone familiar with these types of attacks will recognize what I went though. It was pure hell!


The Turning Point

Things seemed to be getting worse and there did not seem to be anyone that I could turn to for help! I prayed over this situation and asked GOD for help. After sending prayers out for a solution I was guided to listen to a Coast To Coast AM Radio interview featuring Bill Bean the Spiritual Warrior. After Bill’s online interview I purchased two of his books, Dark Force and The Connection.

 I sensed that there was more that I wanted to know about Bill’s work so I listened to more online interviews until 11:00 the next morning! He promised that if anyone was in need to contact him through his website and he would get back to them.

 I was skeptical as he is in the United States and I did not know for sure if anyone would contact me? I filled out the online contact form and waited. It only took a few days to get a telephone reply from his assistant Melinda. She quickly assessed my situation and after paying a fee, forwarded my information on to Bill.

 The connection that I made with Bill was immediate and the call lasted for 45 minutes. This was the beginning of a total commitment on my part and his to pull me out of what Bill called, “demonic oppression!”


The Deliverance

The deliverance was done remotely and was a life-changing event for me! Over the course of one month Bill learned about more terrible things that were happening to me including a Santeria spell that was placed on me by an evil relative! Two more curses place on me by two different people for selfish reasons rounded out that category!

 At one point I remember asking Bill if this was ever gong to stop? Would we ever come to a point in my healing where it was completed? I had my doubts! Bill was so supportive thought all of our communications and never waivered in his conviction and faith. He gave me the strength to continue and to believe in his process!

 Two deliverance sessions, one for five hours and the other for three hours brought my healing journey closer to completion! Bill kept in close contact with me though out this part of the battle against the dark entities that fought back! He constantly said prayers for me and I know that this made a huge difference in my ability to keep going!

 At one point I remember thinking that Bill was the only person that actually knew what I was going through and was there for me. Bill’s dedication and energy amazed me as he encouraged me to have faith in GOD. In the end it took three months to arrive at a place where I felt safe and freed from the attacks.

 What surprised me the most about working with Bill was that he was always there for me and he was never really surprised by the nasty revelations that surfaced. Because he has walked the walk of being a victim and came through it with strength, faith and courage, I had complete trust and faith in his leadership.

 I follow Bill’s teachings in his book, The Connection. It is part of my daily ritual to say prayers and work with his “7 Daily Affirmations” to invoke the power of GOD and make GOD first!

 I found Bill to be authentic, compassionate, and amazingly understanding. He is almost too good to be true! GOD called Bill to deliver these healing services and I am forever grateful for the healing that I received and the new direction that my life is taking.


Sommur Eastwood

British Columbia, Canada