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There’s an old saying “You can never go back.” Yet here I am coming back to this story once again. The first version of Dark Force has reached people from all over the world and I’m forever grateful to GOD for that. So after 10 years of being in print, it was time to revisit the story. A bonus chapter has been added to touch on life after moving out of the house and how to become free from demonic dark forces.

This book is dedicated to all who are being tormented by evil forces!

Bill Bean



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Dark Force is a must read book! George Noory Host of Coast to Coast AM

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Bill Bean has done a great job of connecting the paranormal dots in his new book "Stranger Than Fiction." His Mandela Effect chapter is absolutely mind blowing. Great book that is a must-read! George Noory Coast to Coast AM

The Connection

From best selling author and 'Spiritual Warrior', Bill Bean, comes this very powerful account of spiritual warfare and triumph over tragedy. The Connection will show you how to transform your life

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