From best selling author and ‘Spiritual Warrior’ , Bill Bean (as seen on Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast, SYFY, Destination America, Lifetime Movie Network and many others) comes this very powerful account of triumph over tragedy. In The Connection, Bill chronicles enduring extreme hardships and tragedies from childhood, all the way into his adult years. His family was destroyed by demonic forces and Bill nearly was as well. Learn how Bill struggled mightily with depression, along with demonic oppression. He takes the reader on a journey through the bad times, and then by mid-book, he sheds light on his miraculous transformation by the power of GOD. 

Bill has also stated that he could not be where he is today in helping to free others, had he not been there to experience all of the horrible things that he did. Bill Bean currently travels all over America performing exorcism / spiritual deliverance for many who are in need. He also is a life-coach and helps people world-wide.

The Connection will show you how to transform your life through a personal relationship with GOD (YAHWEH) and HIS son Jesus Christ. It’s a power-packed book from the first until the last page, and is also an instruction guide on how to keep your connection with GOD strong.

Bill Bean is a living witness to the power and miracles of GOD, and he wants to see everyone living in peace, freedom and victory. There are many great bible passages in the book, along with prayers, affirmations and ten steps to employ into your everyday life. Pick up a copy today and may it change your life!

“GOD has truly transformed me from victim to Victor!” Bill Bean

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Bill Bean has done a great job of connecting the paranormal dots in his new book “Stranger Than Fiction.”  His Mandela Effect chapter is absolutely mind blowing.

Great book that is a must-read!
George Noory     Coast to Coast AM


I’ve booked Bill on the radio show many times…and there’s a reason for it. Stranger than fiction will take you on a journey of the unknown and unexplained in a way that will leave you wanting more.  Get it, Read it!  You won’t be sorry.
Tom Danheiser
Senior Producer
National Radio Show Coast To Coast AM

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