Bill Bean 'The Spiritual Warrior'

Having endured a horrific childhood, I know all about the long and hard roads in life. I was hopeless, dark and empty for so long, and I was seeking death, yet GOD kept it away from me. I felt cursed, like a black cloud was over my head. It seemed that everything I did went wrong. I recall waking up everyday wondering what would go wrong in that day. I had accepted defeat and failure as a way of life and furthermore I was invoking it by speaking it into existance. After living a good part of my life in a sea of negativity, I made two decisions that would dramatically turn my life around. I had decided to make GOD first in my life, and secondly I had decided to purge the negativity out of my life! 

As my faith grew in GOD, my faith grew in myself as well. When we fully trust GOD to guide us, our self worth increases along with our confidence. We develop a new mindset and suddenly we see the world differently. I use to seek death and now I seek life and declare victory in every new day. I used to live in a world of darkness and now I [GOD working through me]lead others out of darkness. 

GOD does reward our strong faith with many blessings. I never in a million years thought that I could have achieved the things that I have in life. However, I could not be where I am today without going through what I went through back then. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Then change it right here and now!  Nothing changes unless you make the choice to do so. GOD gave us freewill, so It’s your decision. 

Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough or that you can’t do something. We can do anything that we set our minds to. When I made GOD first in my life, I had activiated my connection with HIM.  When our connection to HIM is activated, there's nothing that we can't do. Today my life is so very blessed and I can never praise GOD enough.

Even if something doesn’t go quite the way that I wanted it to, GOD makes another way for me. The bottom line is if GOD is for us and with us, then who can stand against us?  No one!  

Never give up on a dream or a goal. Keep fighting the good fight everyday, and if you should fall, then get back up and fight some more.

If we fall a thousand times, get back up a thousand and one!

By the mighty power of YAHWEH in Jesus name I declare it!

For those who are seeking help in becoming free from the bondage of satan, his oppression, possession and all curses, hexes, vexes and spells please contact me!

I'm Bill Bean 'The Spiritual Warrior' and I'll stand for you!