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BALTIMORE, MD – It’s a story as old as the New Testament.  A man with a message that doesn’t quite align with traditional or commercial religious views, is rebuked, ostracized, and silenced. In September, Christian minister and author Bill Bean was approached by producers from the 700 Club and asked to allow them to film a day in his life for later broadcast. This week Bean learned that the producers scrapped his segment.

“Typically this is something I would let go but I was assured that the segment would run and I have promoted it in countless other interviews and my followers were excited to see the interview broadcast.  Now I’ve had to publicly apologize because the segment will not air because the producers disagree with my Theological views,” Bean said.

 According to Bean, Tim Smith, the producer of the segment and who spent an entire day with Bean sent an email earlier this week to inform him of the program’s decision.

“Apparently, according to Mr. Smith’s email because my story incorporates the supernatural and paranormal my Theological views do not align with those of the show or the management.  However, Mr. Smith knew early on what my story is all about.  So this explanation, that comes three months down the road after I have promoted this segment, does little to alleviate my frustration,” Bean said. On Monday night, Bean posted a public message to his many Facebook followers addressing the program’s decision. “It was amazing, once the post went live the outpouring of support for me and anger at The 700 Club was unbelievable,” Bean said. Apparently at issue with The 700 Club is Bean’s personal story – a story of hauntings, demonic oppression, and other supernatural phenomenon including UFO activity similar to events portrayed in The Amityville Horror

The story of the Bean family has been told and re-told on countless radio and television talk shows. In 2009 Bill penned his book Dark Force which relays his story. The content of the book was even the subject of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting series in an episode titled “The House of the Dead” (generating the highest viewership of any of their episodes).  Most recently news was announced that Bean had optioned his book to 35mm Pictures to produce a theatrical film. Since experiencing the events as a child, Bean has gone one to become a much sought after Deliverance Minister and speaker in churches and at paranormal conventions. “I spend most of time on the phone, responding to prayer requests via email, and even personally ministering to individuals in their homes if it is required,” Bean said.

According to Bean, the decision by The 700 Club prohibits others, who may be experiencing similar events as his, from hearing a positive outcome to a traumatic and horrifying story.

 “It amazes me that individuals, such as the management at The 700 Club, who obviously believe in the Supernatural refuse to put my story on the air.  Especially if even one person might be positively impacted,” Bean said.


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