I'm issuing a challenge to you! :

I challenge you to make GOD first. I challenge you to make each and every day count! I challenge you to put aside all differences and work together for the greater good. I challenge you to be committed to excellence!
I challenge you to go out of your way to be a blessing and to help others in some way on a regular basis. 

Jesus said in 
John 15:13 King James Version 
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

I'm not asking you to lay your life down for somebody, but what I am asking is that you consider helping those who are in need, and acknowledge those men and women who are on the front lines protecting our freedoms. 

Let's be pro-active and not reactive! 

I challenge you to follow these Ten Steps :
1. Make GOD first
2. Follow the path and the teachings of Jesus
3. Build your faith
4. Forgive
5. Find your purpose in life
6. Use the power of positive thinking
7. Set Goals
8. Give to others
9. Be grateful for everything
10 Walk in Faith-Strength-Courage=Warrior Mode!

I challenge you to do random acts of kindness on a regular basis!

I challenge cities, towns and communities all over America to come together to fight for what's right. Let's come together for increased community watches and patrols. Let's have more town-hall meetings and let's not be resigned to allow illegal activity to take place around where we live. 

It's time for the moral majority to stand up and say no more to evil. 

The only way the REAL CHANGE will take place is for 'we the people' to come together, united in this goal and task, unwavering, determined and fearless...........

We are in this world together and in this life together!

GOD works a miracle for each of us every day with the gift of Life!

I challenge you to make the most of the greatest gift ever given to us by our Glorious GOD.
May you be up to the challenge and may you be blessed and be a blessing...................