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WOW! Taking On Satanic Dark Forces & LIVE DELIVERANCE ON-AIR with Bill Be

Join us for the return of THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR Bill Bean as we dive into the opening night of WEEK OF THE DEAD on The Kev Baker Show!

Just why is the evil rising at this time?

Where are we headed if we stay on this current road to darkness?

Listen as Bill shares testimony from one of his deliverance experiences in which he saw the entity leaving a mans body, and what he say was shocking to say the least.

But, it’s what unfolds into the second half of the show that will literally blow you away. Bill performs a deliverance on ME to cast away the dark forces that have gathered around me now for some time. This you do not want to miss!

I should preface it for those new to the show with some additional information to put this part of the show into context.

Over the course of the past couple of months, it had been brought to my attention that I may have attracted some unwanted attention, and not from the alphabet Agencies!

For what ever reason, people were sensing a dark energy around me, to the point where it led my good friend, and regular KBS guest, Laura Maxwell feeling the urgency to visit me and pray for me. At the time, I didn’t really put too much thought into it, in fear of perhaps helping to manifest such an entity via my subconscious energy.

However, it became clear to me that there was something going on.

One night, out of the corner of my eye I seen someone/something in the bathroom as I passed on my way to make coffee. I didn’t pay any attention believing it to be my son in there, but something in my stomach warned me that something was amiss. Then to my astonishment, my son shouted out to me, from his bedroom!

I immediately stepped backwards to see what it was I had seen in the toilet, only for nobody, or nothing, to be there. This was the first incident that alerted me to a real and present unexplainable force, entity.

Time went by until one night last week, my partner Ann came through to the living room after one of the shows looking terrified. She went on to explain that while i was finishing up my show, and as she lay down to sleep, a groaning voice was audible immediately next to her ear, but no one was there!

KBS-TFR ADI briefly let Bill know pre-show of the latest developments, and the thing is, Bill himself was picking up on the energies that were gathers. We were going to go through a typical deliverance session but leave my name out of it, but in the name of honesty, and the fact that KBS is a fly on the wall look at my awakening journey, we decided to be honest and try something on air that Bill had never attempted in over 1500 interviews….. A LIVE DELIVERANCE AND CASTING AWAY OF THE ENTITIES.

You will hear Bill going through the procedure and for once, as you will find out, im lost for words.

I can’t make you believe what was occurring at this end, but the whole thing had what can only be described as a profound experience, both physically and mentally.

Bill Bean is someone that I immediately felt a connection to, a knowing almost, for what ever reason, and this led me to go down this road in an attempt to cast away the evil, and invite Light into my life.

I know there will be doubters out there, and that is fine, as im not in any way trying to make you believe anything, im merely sharing an experience that I myself never thought id ever be a part of.

If someone had told me 10 years ago what was to happen, I would’ve probably bust some ribs with laughter, as I have always been a more scientific minded type, as opposed to religious/spiritual.

This is why we must keep an open mind, and not deny ourselves information and real experiences that we need not necessarily believe in ourselves at that time. We must open up to new ideas, other techniques and alternative mindsets, for even if we don’t buy into them, we can usually expand our knowledge, and our minds, and that in itself continues our growth.

Joe Joseph, my brother, described this in his show notes as “SAVING KEV FROM THE ABYSS”, and when you listen, who can argue!

I’m not sure if this was some kind of radio-first, an on-air Deliverance session, but one thing is for sure, its something that not only helped me gain a better appreciation of the power of Jesus, its something I can never forget and will carry forward with me on my journey and my quest for knowledge.


“Jesus said in order to receive you must believe. The way to truly break the chains of the enemy is to develop a new mindset that replaces fear with faith, strength and courage”, says Bill.

Bill Bean has appeared on these shows and networks : Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery Channel, SYFY Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, Gaiam TV, Coast to Coast Radio, Beyond Belief, Cornerstone TV, Dead Files, LMN series ‘I was Possessed’, The List, Pulse Talk UK, X-Zone Canada and may other shows and networks.

In his book Dark Force – Bill Bean painfully describes in terrifying detail the supernatural/paranormal events that tormented his family in their Glen Burnie, Maryland home. As disturbing as some of the content in Dark Force is, there’s a very powerful message of hope and faith that has affected many readers in a positive way

Bill often gives interviews and often lectures about his amazing story of triumph over tragedy and how GOD miraculously transformed his life

“Bill is a tremendously gifted speaker, who makes an instant connection with his audience. He never fails to leave them both inspired and uplifted. ”
The Village V

“After reading Dark Force, I found it to be one of the most disturbing and captivating stories that I have ever read. Dark Force is a must read book!”
George Noory Host of Coast to Coast AM

“Bill Bean has been a special guest class speaker at several of my classes in a course called: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY & BELIEF IN THE PARANORMAL @ UMBC.
He has consistently been one of the more popular, interesting, and sincere speakers in the course. His heartfelt testimonial has moved many of the students, and he has been an inspiration for others. He does an excellent job of engaging the audience, and I hope to have him speak again!”
S. Peter Resta Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology (UMBC)

“I first heard Bill Bean on the coast to coast radio show. That same night I sent him an email and he called me the next day. He helped deliver our church from dark forces who had taken up residence in our old building. Bill has a GOD given gift for facing demonic and satanic forces. He stands against evil through powerful prayers and GOD answers his prayers of deliverance. Bill Bean is a force of GOD’S light and has become a great friend of mine. I know GOD can help deliver others from the hand of Satan through Bill Bean.”
Pastor/Evangelist Jonathan Cobb
First Baptist Church -West Harwich, Mass.

The story of the Bean family was featured on the Discovery Channels ‘A Haunting’ series. The episode, which aired in 2006, is called ‘House of the Dead’ and is one of the most watched episodes in the series history.
John Singleton [The Pasadena Voice]

Bill lectures and makes appearances at churches, colleges, corporate events, conventions, hotels, private events etc…..

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