Review of "Dark Force" by Bill Bean


As a paranormal researcher i have had the opportunity to conduct and aid in many cases most being a benign haunting or simply varying factors that made a client believe that they were experiencing paranoprmal activity, on a few occasions though I have been witness to the darker side of the paranormal spectrum doing battle with enrgies and entities that had a more sinister plan in mind for the occupants of the residences investigated. Some of the events and experiences I have had with these cases have been down right frightning for me in fact I've lost a few nights sleep reliving them from time to time, but I have been able to go home and purge myself of the negative energies that surrounded me and soon find peace and a good night sleep again. I had always felt great sympathy though for the ones left behind and the experiences they live through in those houses daily, in Bill Beans novel "Dark Force" you get to through his words experience and understand the mindset and effects of a family that had to endure a this type of activity from a group of paracidic entities that not only tear  the Bean family apart but may have had the agenda to do far worse.

Bill Bean's first person factual account of his family's experiences and torment from multiple parasidic entities over the peroid of a decade will be hard to put down, even though the author does not have the "classic writing style" of many other authors what he does bring to the book is authenticity and a straight forward story of what he and his family witnessed during their time in this very negative environment. Also, Bean at times in the book shows how much of a lasting effect these events have had on him and his family by statng some of the feeling and emotions that he was experiencing during the process of placing the words to paper; it gives a honest view of the psychological effect that the actions of these entities have had on not just his immediate families but also cousins, aunts, uncles and even pets the family had over the years.

For those in the paranormal community or contemplating entering it I would suggest reading Bill Beans book for a few reasons, first it is a perfect subject showing and full blown "oppression stage" in progress with what looks to be a full on posession stage possibly affecting his father who eventually does a total 180 to the negative in chacter which you shall see upon reading forces him to make a decision that he feels saves his families life. It is also a good example of a type of case that some investigator (if in the community long enough) will tread across, there are many times an exapmple where investigators are told to leave a case for advanced help if it is needed and "Dark Force' gives perfect examples for a young or seasoned investigator to note if this type activity is upon them.

Dark Force goes where many other novels couldn't on the same subject as it is a testimonial confession of the child (Bean) that lived through a horrific ordeal ad suffered many traumatic events that altered the coarse of his and his families life forever, and for anyone who reads this book and is going threough the same I hope it stands at a advisory to see that it can become worse than you believe but also a beacon of light that you can rise through it. As I write this I prepare for CTVR with the author of this book and have so many questions to ask him, but also a new respect (which I had before) for why this field isn't for everybody.