Bill Bean is a world renowned Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Minister-Exorcist, and is known as “The Spiritual Warrior.” He’s also an internationally known author of 6 books, lecturer and supernatural expert. Bean is currently appearing in an episode of the 2019 Travel Channel series, Holzer Files, along with several episodes of the A Haunting series. He regularly joins George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, and he has appeared in the Lifetime Movie Network series, “I was Possessed.” Bill also appears monthly on the Kev Baker Show from Scotland.

Bill has helped hundreds of people in America, along with many others in over 40 different countries around the world. Bill’s Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Ministry addresses anything from curses – blocks – attachments – obsession – oppression to possession by demonic spirits. He’s also a life coach, providing guidance and advice on how to be strong in mind, body and spirit. With great sensitivity and understanding, Bill Bean helps his clients to find solutions to a wide array of life challenges. He works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve goals.

“Life is all about moving forward.” Bill Bean.

Bill Bean is the author of the following critically acclaimed books: Dark Force, Delivered, Ten Steps to Victory, The Connection, Stranger Than Fiction and Dark Force Revisited. 


Bill has given over 2000 media interviews, and has been featured in many evening and late night news programs.

Bill Bean has been down many hard roads in life, and has often said that he could not be where he currently is in helping others, had he not gone through some horrific experiences. By sharing his testimony of insurmountable tragedy and discovering his path towards deliverance and redemption through the power of GOD, he has impacted the lives of so many people from all walks of life. 


Bill travels to the homes and businesses of clients, and he conducts Skype and phone sessions as well.  




What can I say about Bill Bean’s new book, THE CONNECTION? I can say that I know this work is a divinely inspired book into which Bill poured his heart and soul. It was written out of great love for people and out of a burning, passionate desire to help them!

I thank and PRAISE GOD for bringing Bill full circle – to a victorious place where he can now champion the oppressed, possessed, haunted, addicted, depressed and most desperate of us all. Having been one of these people, myself, I bear great witness to GOD’S GOODNESS, MERCY AND GRACE in working through this Dear Man of God, Bill Bean!

I have learned that I can never thank GOD enough, nor repay Bill for helping to set me free. I know – I have spent many years trying! All I can do and try to do on a daily basis is “pay it forward” by trying to be a shining example of the Christ-like, unconditional love, goodness and mercy that was extended to me.

Bill’s book was written and is presented to us – the reader, with great love and an ernest desire to serve as a guidepost in our life’s journey towards the ultimate finish line and ultimate reality of our existence here on earth.

Melinda Gagnon
Assistant for Bill Bean

Melinda Gagnon

Rev. Bean addresses these issues and many more in this powerful writing that I would recommend all believers have in their libraries.
Pastor Jason Morelock

Liberty Worship Center

Greeneville, TN.

Pastor Jason Morelock

In The Connection, Bill stresses the importance of seeking and solidifying a strong connection with God in every aspect of our life. He draws the literal connection between the past events of his life and his present 24/7 Spiritual Warrior life-style and that connection is God.

Read these pages, not just with an open mind, but an open heart, spirit, and soul. Connect with God and see God do great things in, to, around, and for you and your loved ones.

R. Travis Shortt

Travis Shortt

I have the pleasure of knowing and even working with the author, Bill Bean. In this book is are true accounts of many people who have been rescued from evil. I especially like submitted stories from actual victims of evil, whom Bill has stepped in to help. I loved every chapter of this book because knowing the author, I know every word is true. Knowing this the accounts here are both frightening and inspiring.

Bill’s books offer a beacon of hope to those who suffer, often for years and even generations under the oppression of primary evil. Don’t miss any of Pastor Bean’s books. Each is unique, but each also covers his battle against the powers of evil.

How do I know these stories are true?

How do I know the relief given to these poor victims is real?

How do I know that Bill Bean works tirelessly and faithfully, helping people and families in crisis?

Because many years ago, Pastor Bill Bean stepped in and rescued me.

I thank God Yahweh for Bill Bean.

Pastor Jeffrey S. Leeper

Pastor Jeffrey Leeper

“The Connection by Bill Bean presents us with a different viewpoint on why the paranormal may exist in some people’s lives. He doesn’t mince his words and he tells you in a straightforward manner about the elements of darkness that existed in his life and how God brought him back into his natural state of brilliance as a child of God.

We all have a higher purpose on this Earth and for those in particular states of “darkness” in their lives, Bill provides the key and the path you can take to change that and walk in the light with God. This is a simple book, with a profound message. To receive the Love of God requires that we ask for God’s presence in our lives.

In this book, Bill teaches us what is required in order to maintain a true devotional connection and commitment to God so that every day we can experience the miraculous in our lives. Bill Bean’s book is a humbling reminder that all is connected – to God!"

Ingrid Aybar

Ingrid Aybar

“Bill Bean takes you on a journey of his young life while being tested from unknown forces of evil. Hear how his beginner’s faith in God (Yahweh) leads him to delve deeper into Scripture and stand up to and allow God to work through him and defeat evil out of his life and the lives of those around him.

Bill is tested very early in life and most of us would never come out as strong and determined as Bill has. He continues today to fight evil as a spiritual warrior. I have known Bill now for many years and can tell you his resolve and strength and knowledge of the Word has led him to the place he is at today. Read the Scripture he has quoted throughout the book and let the Word make you a stronger believer in the eyes of God.

A must read book for anyone who recognizes there is evil all around us."

Steve Hodgson

Steve Hodgson

I had just finished reading an amazing book! The Connection details the author’s childhood growing up, being plagued by demonic forces, to now being connected with so many people worldwide, helping them overcome the grips of the same forces that he once dealt with.

The Connection hit close to home, as I was able to relate to so many of the events detailed. In fact, every page that I had read, I wanted to read more. It takes courage to tell ones story, and it definitely shows others that there is help out there, and that they aren’t alone. I encourage anyone and everyone to read this.

I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Kimberly Stine

Kim Stine

I have never read another book with such great concentration before. The book speaks volumes about teaching me to never Give Up.

I have shared The Connection with friends, who are suffering, or have been victimized by some kind of evil force. They are excited to read and implement your advice in their life in order to triumph over their demons..

Krishna Ingole
Nanded Maharashtra, India

Krishna Ingole

Pastor, Deliverance Minister, speaker and author, Bill Bean has produced his 4th and best book. Now with many years of experience, growth and learning, Bill, articulately, and honestly shares more than ever of the events that lead him to this present time.

In the first half of the book, Bill shares how bad his life was. Then in the 2nd half, he breaks through with the wisdom, solid Christian teaching and God centered encouragement that leads readers to also make The Connection to true freedom, peace and faith in Christ Jesus.

Read this book- you’ll be glad you did.

Jennifer McKenna

Jennifer McKenna

I can tell within the first few pages that this work is something special and blessed with a very high power. Even if you do not believe in God, it is so easy to believe Bill’s story and testimony. Bill comes through as a real person, and not someone who is better than others or someone who has not known pain. In this way, Bill is able to connect to every person.

It is so easy to find the joy in the pain. To find the comfort within the dis-ease. And through this journey, a person can be healed. Through the palpable pain and love written in these pages is the catalyst into a new world full of hope and love. God’s love. A love that cannot be unsurpassed by any others. A kind of love that we all long to go back to. An unconditional love that is unspoken.

And how many countless souls need to find this kind of love and compassion? And how many souls have been lost in the confusion and darkness? Too many, if only one. And too many times have we been tricked and sidetracked. Every one of us is born with the free will and choice to make our decision. how long can we be deceived before we decide to make another choice? Sometimes we lose our way and need someone to light our path.

Bill Bean’s work defines what service to others is all about. It is time for us to follow his lead and remember our mandate to that end.

Susan Christalee

Susan Christalee

Editorial Comments and Remarks

I really appreciate the effort that was put into writing this book, and the author’s conversational approach makes for a good read. I found myself captivated by the paranormal experiences and intrigued by the ’Bean Family Story.

I do not know very many people who have ever experienced this degree of evil or darkness, but I believe it would be safe to say that everybody who reads this book will be able to relate at some level. If you believe in the paranormal or supernatural, this book may help you better understand some of the strange and unexplained mysteries that are common to all of us. If you enjoyed ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank Peretti, you will more than likely not be able to put this book down. Caution: Prepare yourself spiritually and mentally before reading this book, as it could open you up to some unsolicited experiences and encounters.

We are presently engaged in the conflict of the ages! The battle for our SOUL has already been WON, but the battle for our LIFE and DESTINY is still being waged. Yahshua bought and paid for our redemption on the impaling post. His death, burial & resurrection sealed the deal.

His Ascension and return by Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost established forever His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. The defeated has been stripped of his rank, power and authority. He no longer has a right to rule and as long as one son of the Kingdom is alive on planet earth, he will never rise to power again. Selah! So it is!

Blake Higginbotham, Apostolic Kingdom Alliance, Director

Blake Higginbotham

Brother Bill,

WOW – and – WOW – and – WOW! I’ve just finished your book… mind blown! You are certainly sent of God, absolutely no doubt about it!

I just finished your riveting book The Connection. I could not stop reading. It was laid out in a logical and easily readable style. A super page turner for me. The reason why is because I too have had similar experiences. I could relate in many ways. It deeply connected with me, and I imagine it will with many folks suffering demonic attacks who yearn to break free.

Such great information, while reading I didn’t want it to end. Rare that I get hold of a book like that. Every bit of it based on solid Biblical principles unlike many other “Christian authors”. Strong meat (not soup) for the Christian soul. If applied it will change lives and people’s relationship with God in an eternally profound way.

Steven Barrett

Steven Barrett